Lady Gaga’s Fragrance “Fame” and its Occult Meaning

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Like in everything else relating to her, Lady Gaga’s fragrance Fame contains underlying occult elements that are only recognizable to those who have some knowledge of it. While the advertisement surrounding the perfume appears to acknowledge and even celebrate the dark, evil side of fame, the composition of the perfume itself contains ingredients used in ancient witchcraft and sex magick rituals.

Here’s an interesting article by Felix London, an Australian fashion student, about Gaga’s fragrance and its occult elements.

A Brief Esoteric Interpretation Of ‘Lady Gaga Fame; The Fragrance’.
By Felix London

Throughout her meteoric rise to fame, Lady Gaga has established herself as an undeniable phenomenon that has forced herself into the universal consciousness of society. Her ingenious blend of contemporary music, art, fashion and film has helped her emerge as the High Priestess de jour of the pop culture collective for the new aeon. A 21st century Pied Piper, leading the masses blindly to a fate preordained for them by the elite.

It is no secret that a retrospect of her work shows a deliberate inclusion of much occult and mind control symbolism and themes. Through her music videos, songs, photo shoots and even costumes, it has become evident that there is a definite underlying theme at work.

Her latest foray into the fragrance industry, complete with super stylized advertising is perhaps her most blatant offering yet. Her debut fragrance, poised to become a world-wide #1 seller; “Fame” was conceived by the Lady herself along with a new branch of her Haus of Gaga creative team, titled “Haus Laboratories”.

At her own insistence the inky liquid is the world’s first black eau de parfum, as in her own words she wanted it to be reflective of the dark heart of fame. Avant Garde it may be, but on further research of the fragrances ingredients, one may beg the question; is this perfume or a potion?

Described on the packaging the fragrances ingredients read as follows; tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchid with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops. Belladonna, Italian for “Beautiful Woman” and officially known as “Atropa Belladonna” is an extremely poisonous plant that causes hallucinations, delirium and other psychological effects like mind dissociation. Ancient folklore tells that Atropa Belladonna was tended to by the devil himself.

The name Atropa is derived from the Ancient Greek Goddess Atrops. She was said to be one of the three ‘fates’. In mythology she was responsible for affecting the fate and destiny of the world by severing the threads that connected a person to their bodies. This in turn brought death.

Pre-dating the middle ages and throughout history the herb Atropa Belladonna was a key ingredient in magick and was widely used by witches in aid of flying, otherwise known as astrotravel or astroprojection. It was believed that this herb had the ability to dissociate one’s mind from its physical body, putting the user into a hypnotic trance, enabling the witches to spiritually leave the body during the ritual work.

The herb was also equated with aggressive female sexuality. It was rubbed on the witches’ bodies to experience erotic sensations and hallucinations before they would believe they participated in orgies with spirits/demons on the sabbat. Even as late as the 1920’s the plant was used by women to dilate the pupils, the purpose being to make them appear more appealing and sexually alluring to men. Hence the term Belladonna; beautiful woman. A mysterious choice of ingredient indeed, but the recipe for this fragrance becomes more dark and ominous.

Whilst not noted on the packaging, the next key ingredient is a synthetic pheromone based on the molecular structure of male semen. Semen is filled with pheromones that transmit an increased sexual desire to whoever smells it. Semen is also a very powerful ingredient in any spell work or Magick along with blood, which is also a key component of this fragrance. The mixing of blood and semen is straight out of hermetic magick, founded by infamous occultist and self-proclaimed ‘Beast’ Aleister Crowley.

Combining the two for magical purposes forms part of the Gnostic Mass, ritualized sex magick. Blood has a powerful spiritual truth inherent within it. Blood binds the spiritual and physical together. When used inside a ritual or sacrament, it will create either a contract of covenant. The synthetic ingredient in this fragrance that adds the blood was based on the exact molecular structure of a sample of Lady Gagas own blood. Essentially she has shed her blood so the masses may wear it. Perhaps ‘mother monster’ as she refers to herself is anointing her ‘little monsters’ AKA fans through her perfume and in doing so consecrating them to herself.

The design of the bottle itself is also of importance. Visually it appears as a black egg-shaped vessel with a gold lid from which long, elegant, gold claws reach to clasp the bottle. The egg is one of the most comprehensive symbols, equally suggestive in a spiritual, physiological and cosmological sense. Among other things, it stands for primordial chaos, the universal matrix, the great deep, the Virgin Mother. As the symbol of generation, birth and rebirth, it is used not only on account of the mystery of apparent self-generation, but from its spheroidal shape, the sphere and circle both being symbols of encompassing space.

The bottle is strangely reminiscent of the egg/vessel that Gaga inserted herself into whilst being carried down the red carpet en route to emerge on stage for her performance of ‘Born This Way’ at the 2011 Grammys. Gaga stated that she wanted to birth a new race. A race within a race. The egg ritual dates back to Crowley who developed it to invoke the ‘lam’ entity which is the entity or demon that has power over speech. Adolf Hitler was himself a follower of Crowley’s doctrine and utilized the egg ritual for his own desire to birth a perfect race.

This leads to the film advertisement for the fragrance. It in itself is artistically brilliant, if not little confronting or unsettling. The fast paced, high fashion commercial utilizes numerous symbols throughout its many scenes and boasts a soundtrack of one of her tracks ‘Scheiße’ the German word for ‘shit’ were she speaks in an almost chant like German gibberish. The relevance of this song not only fits well with the occult connection to Hitler, but also to the many de-humanizing mind control techniques that were executed by German soldiers on Jewish captives in concentration camps during the Holocaust.  It should also be noted that the word ‘Haus’ is German for ‘House’. Therefore ‘Haus Laboratories’ further represents the German connection.

The visuals for the commercial further enforce the theme of mind control and the occult. The creative aesthetic of Salvador Dali seems to have played a major inspiration for the video, directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein, who is known for his dark, provocative fashion editorials that often utilize mind control and occult symbolism.

The scenes that schizophrenically dart back and forth on the screen employ classic examples of mind control symbolism. Dissociated vacant eyes, blood curdling screams and tortured facial expressions from Gaga herself. Stagnated and awkward cowering movements. The use of mirrors and mirrored surfaces. The shattering glasses that represent a fragmented mind. The clawed mirror or portal alludes to the ‘Through the looking glass’ concept of Alice in Wonderland which was widely used alongside The Wizard of Oz in Monarch Mind Control or MK Ultra carried out by the CIA.  These all equate to the themes of mind control.

There is also an undeniable element of occult ritual symbolism. The portal itself may represent a portal to another dimension or a mode of transport for the wearer to the ritual. The reflections of gaga in the mirrors to create three images of herself, three being a very powerful number to occultists. The scenes depicting a stylized, satanic like ritual were gaga struts between men cloaked in red and near naked men, faces distorted by black masking tape over one eye, kneeling before them. Perhaps she is representing herself as the mediator between the elite and the general public. The satanic and masonic themes are evident. Also is the aggressive female sexuality and dominance over men, which is depicted in many scenes and in the lyrics of the song used. In various scenes Gaga is depicted as smearing a black substance across a man’s face, laying on top of another man holding him down, a blown-up vision of Gaga is seen reclining nude with only her modesty barely covered by tiny men crawling on her body and even seen emerging from her own lips as a crowned queen wielding a gun.

Whilst being a rather brilliant concept it is hard to ignore the deliberate themes in the commercial, along with the design of the bottle and the molecular structure of the fragrance itself. Is “Fame” by Lady Gaga just a tongue in cheek publicity stunt or is it indeed a representation of something more sinister?

Has the Lady in fact gone gaga? Doubtful, she knows exactly what she is doing.

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